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What I do!

Behaviour Consultations – What’s Involved?

When a pet is showing a problem behaviour it is often very  upsetting for owners. The initial consultation starts in the comfort of your own home and will involve me learning about the pet, the problem, and the people! We will talk about how the problem has progressed and I will observe your pet. We can then set goals such as “To be able to walk down the street with my dog calm and under control” and decide together how to move forwards to achieve realistic results.

We will start putting some management and simple training in place on the day to provide immediate relief. I will then discuss with you and write up a training programme including suggestions for you to follow. Once the foundations steps are in place we will meet for a follow-up to check on progress and put further steps in place as needed. More sessions often equate with higher success rates. Online support and progress checks between sessions means you are not simply left to your own devices after sessions!

Training packages are often advised following the initial consultation process when the problem is complex or involves aggression. Clients usually experience a better and faster success rate with continued contact and training.

Group Walks

Many dogs who struggle around other dogs, perhaps because they are shy or reactive, find it difficult to learn to be around other dogs because owners find it difficult to find controlled environments where their dogs can feel comfortable. Group walks provide some stability and control using helper dogs. Dogs are not allowed to run up to each other and will keep an appropriate distance when needed. The focus is for dogs to feel comfortable and calm so off lead contact only occurs in very specific circumstances and not around dogs who are not ready. Only dogs who have undergone assessment with me can attend so you can be safe in the knowledge that all dogs attending will be appropriately controlled.

The walks are local to Nottingham but those travelling from other areas are of course welcome!

For more information see: weteachpets.com/group-dog-walks/

Owner Absent Training

We all have an image of what we expect dog ownership to be like, and sometimes we just have to admit that life with our pets is not as we had hoped. Training takes time, though, and sometimes our busy lives make regular training commitments tricky. Without continued, consistent training behaviour change may not happen, so having a professional come in to train can be a hugely beneficial.

What Happens in Owner Absent Training?

Training sessions consist of an hour of training, maybe whilst you are at work, shopping or working from home. This option means that as an owner you don’t have to become a professional dog trainer to enjoy your dog. I can help to instil the desired behaviour and hand over to you when your dog is ready and teach you how to continue with the progress already achieved.

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