My Behaviour Cases 2019

//My Behaviour Cases 2019

I have (finally!) updated my case stats to show the breeds and types of behaviour cases I saw in 2019! See below.

Breeds I’ve seen in 2019:

The behaviour problems from 2019:

However, there are more details that are interesting to see.

The case stats show that the top breeds to be seen were crossbreeds, these were either entirely unknown crossbreeds (9.% of total cases) and known crossbreeds, often what have been termed as designer crossbreeds (29%). However cockapoos have their own category as they were seen in 8% of total cases so were worth looking at as a breed in themselves.

French Bulldogs were 6% compared to 7 years ago (when I last published my case data – eek!) when I didn’t see any. As cockapoos and French Bulldogs continue to be popular breeds it will be interesting to see how this might change.

Aggression issues were the top three this year – split between aggression towards familiar people/unfamiliar dogs/unfamiliar people. Aggression towards unfamiliar people has risen from 10% to 20% of cases.

So what else do we know from 2019’s behaviour cases stats?

  • 66% of dogs were male – 37% of males were entire (not neutered).
  • So of the third of total females, 27% were entire (not neutered).
  • The most common age range for seeking behavioural help was 1.5-2.5 years.
  • 12% of dogs were 8+ years old at the time of the consultation.
  • The youngest case was 15 weeks old.

French Bulldogs were most likely to have multiple issues, cockapoos were most seen for handling issues and crossbreeds appeared to have a high incidence of being reactive to noises and being stressed out on walks.

What about the cats?

Cats were most likely to be seen due to issues between cats within the household. The next most common problem was toileting outside of the litter tray.

The male/female ratio was near enough an equal split and the vast majority were neutered.

The stats from 2012 looked like this for comparison…

Breed stats:

Behaviour Problems:

So this sums up the stats from my 2012 and 2019 behaviour cases. I am looking forward to comparing 2020’s stats to see what changes continue to happen in the breeds and issues seen!

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