Credentials & Qualifications

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I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember and have owned all sorts of pets including gerbils, fish, stick insects, rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs. I utilise knowledge of pet behaviour and modern techniques based on partnership and understanding to address behaviour and training issues.


I have a degree in Psychology, an NOCN level 3 in Canine Training and Behaviour as well as a Post-Graduate level qualification in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling. I attend workshops and seminars to keep my knowledge up to date.

I am a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, a registered clinical animal behaviourist by the Animal Behaviour and Training Council and a full member of the Pet Professional Guild of force-free trainers.

I am fully insured.

Since qualifying I have earned many years of both professional and personal experience with behavioural issues. As well as the many owners and pets I have worked with I have also fostered and adopted a number of pets into my own home to work and live with. A number of these dogs have had issues from being afraid to go for walks to separation problems to both human and dog directed aggression. Not only can I help, but I understand what living with problem dogs can be like.


Case Studies

Below is the percentage of the different breeds of dogs I handled in 2012

Crossbreeds 35%
Cocker Spaniel 17%
Border Collie 11%
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 8%
Golden Retriever 8%
Jack Russell Terrier 6%
English Springer Spaniel 5%
Labrador Retriever 5%
Miniature Schnauzer 3%
German Shepherd Dog 3%

The issues I had to deal with were

Primary Presenting Problem % Caseload
Aggression/Threats Towards Familiar People 28.4%
Aggression/Threats Towards Unfamiliar Dogs 15.9%
Owner Absent Related Problems 13.6%
Training Problems/Excessive Arousal 11.4%
Aggression/Threats Towards Unfamiliar People 10.2%
Fearful/Phobic Behaviour 10.2%
Aggression Towards Familiar Dogs 8%
Inappropriate Elimination 1.1%
Repetitive Behaviour 1.1%

Periodically you can hear me on BBC Radio Nottingham as a guest speaker (Expert of the week).