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My name is Naomi Andrews and I am a Clinical Animal Behaviourist working with owners in Malvern Worcs, Nottinghamshire, and throughout the UK.

My role is to coach and support you to successfully work with your pet so that you can focus on enjoying pet ownership feeling relaxed and in control. I also work online to help more people, pets and problems.
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What I can do for you



Initial consultations allow for an initial behaviour assessment, designing a plan to create change and gets the training ball rolling.


Ongoing Support

Training packages provide continued coaching and training development with training video reviews to ensure progress as you move through the programme.

Online Sessions

The ability to train successfully online provides valuable opportunity for those who might struggle with visitors, or behave differently with a new person present. They also mean distance is no object!


Modern Approach

With flexible formats and training packages, how-to videos and handouts, behaviour consultations are accessible and successful, tailored and adapted to you and your pet’s particular needs.

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What areas do I cover?

With current sessions all being online, location and distance is no object. It is the perfect opportinity to work with a wider range of owners and pets with new and improved support services to ensure progress wherever you are!

When should you seek help?

People seek help for their pet’s behaviour for a variety of reasons. If there is an issue which is causing you or your pet any kind of stress then it is better to seek out help early on rather than wait until it gets worsePets tend to grow into their problems, not out of them. There are more options than you might think.

Long term behaviour change can require time, patience and consistency. Training package options mean that no matter the size of the problem, you will be supported and receive ongoing training for as long as it’s needed.

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I have a degree in Psychology, an NOCN level 3 in Canine Training and Behaviour as well as a Post-Graduate level qualification in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling. I am a registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council. Alongside this, importantly I am a life long animal lover, have worked with, fostered and owned several dogs with a variety of issues and have a non-judgemental and empathetic approach to both owners and pets.

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Fancy giving a pet a new home?

Not every rescue dog comes with behaviour problems, many have been much loved pets whose owners may have lost their homes, their jobs, changed shifts, emigrated or even passed away leaving their beloved pets homeless. By adopting a dog that has been in a foster home for a few weeks rather than kennels you can find out whether the dog is housetrained, can be left alone, how it is with visitors, children, other dogs, cats etc before you take it home.