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How It Works

Behaviour Consultations – What’s My Role?

Some of the behaviour that our pets show can be frustrating, embarrassing, distressing or simply confusing! My role is to listen to your concerns, get to know you and your pet to create a training plan to work through to get things back on track.

No matter how much we love our animals, objective help and support can be just what’s needed to make progress.

The initial session is all about getting to know you and your needs better, putting in place some strategies for quick relief and putting our first phase of training in motion. Following on from this there will be further follow up sessions to review progress and assess your changing training needs. This allows us to keep tweaking your homework plans session to session to make sure you are supported at every step of the way.

Training packages allow for ongoing professional input and support to make sure you reach your goals. Clients usually experience a better and faster success rate with continued contact and training.

Behaviour Package Format

The initial consultation lasts for around 1.5 – 2 hours. This is where I assess your pet’s problem and we create the first phases of the training plan. This always involves input from you to make sure the programme suits your situation. You also know your own dog better than I do, and so your knowledge is hugely helpful. This session may also involve an initial practical training session, issue dependent. Within 48 hours of the first session you will receive your written report of what we discussed. This will also include the first steps of our training together. Future sessions are either 30 minutes or an hour, depending on the issue. If you are able to submit videos to allow me to see training then this is encouraged; our follow up sessions allow us both to review progress and decide on next steps to work towards your goal. Wherever practicable we will work on hands-on training too so I can coach you through the practical elements of the plan.

Real-Time Online Sessions

Video calls have swept the world as the latest way to keep in touch. They are a great way of scheduling checkups with real-time support and advice just as you would in a face to face visit. During COVID-19 online consultations are going ahead in place of face-to-face, however it is business as usual in terms of progress and teaching you to train your pets! I can still see you, meet the family, observe your pets and watch and feedback on your training. In fact, for many situations virtual sessions are an even more effective and efficient way of conducting training. Me being there can be distracting for some pets, or cause others to feel stressed and not act normally. By watching from behind a screen I can see your pet exactly as you do! There is also a bigger emphasis on coaching you through each element so you have the tools to work through your training more effectively outside of sessions. Check out my blog post for more information about virtual training:

Blended Packages

Once home visits recommence, some packages will consist of a mixture of physical and virtual sessions so we can stay more regularly in touch. This means more efficient progress and more support through the training period. Others will be virtual-only as this has genuinely shown to be the best and most effective option for that particular problem behaviour or owner circumstance. Don’t worry – we will always make sure you are matched to the right package for your needs. If you have any questions about how it all works, please do ask!

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