The benefits of working with a behaviourist online

//The benefits of working with a behaviourist online

The pandemic has created a new way of working for lots of us; and not just at work. Families and friends coming together to connect using Zoom or Skype has become commonplace! But how about an online behaviourist?

At first even I was cautious about using online software to do a job I had only ever done face to face. However, once I started, I saw the multiple benefits to training online for both myself and my clients (and their wonderful pets too of course!). Whilst not every case is going to be suitable for all-online sessions, there are a great many where results are much improved by this new way of working.

Some of the benefits of remote consults…

  • You get more sessions for your money. Without travel time you are only paying for our contact time.
  • Without travel time to factor in my working time is more flexible.
  • Wait times for appointments are significantly reduced.
  • It also means that we can do multiple short sessions if that is more appropriate for your individual situation. You will receive more support throughout the programme.
  • Can’t afford to take time out of work? No problem, log in for check-ins that fit in during your lunch break!
  • I can work with you no matter your location.
  • Virtual consults mean pets aren’t worried or distracted by a visitor being present. You also won’t be distracted by your pet’s behaviour towards a visitor while we talk and train.
  • It is you who needs to be able to handle your pet. I will coach you through the strategies so you can handle them when I’m not there.
  • You can join via multiple devices. We can observe your pet in another room alone, or have family members or others join in from different places easily.
  • Pouring rain, slippery ice, storms or scorching sun won’t get in the way of our sessions.
  • Training video reviews mean I see your training and provide ongoing feedback to ensure progress.

So how does it work?

Once we’ve arranged a convenient time for our session I will send you a link to join an online meeting. If you’ve never used Zoom before then when you click the link you will be asked if you’d like to download the app. By agreeing, or clicking “Download & run Zoom” You will then be guided through how to quickly and easily install the app to help Zoom run more smoothly.

If you are joining from your phone or other device then you can download the app Zoom Cloud Meetings for free via your app store.

Once Zoom is downloaded, you can click the email link and it will open up a box where you can enter your name which will appear on your screen for both you and I to see. Then click to Join Meeting.

Opt to join with video so I can see you and your pet, and with computer audio so I can hear you! And away we go! If you are still unsure then we can arrange a phone call and I can help talk you through how to set everything up and have a quick informal video call as practise before you commit to anything.


But you won’t see the problem behaviour so easily online – don’t worry, I’ve seen it all before! Over the ten years I’ve been working with pets with issues I have worked with all sorts of problem behaviour. Anything that I really do need to see, so long as it is safe and appropriate, you can film and send to me. If your dog is in the frame of mind of performing the unwanted behaviour then they may be less able to focus on the training – we need to set your dog up to succeed. This means as calm as possible during our sessions.

I’m not very tech savvy, how does it work? The software for virtual consults is free and easy to set up on pretty much any device that you can connect to the internet. I will send you a link in an email which you click and that will take you to the meeting. We can arrange a quick practise session which I can help you set up on the phone before the paid consultation date to make sure you’re happy with the setup.

Don’t online/virtual consults seem impersonal? This was one of my worries when I first started. However, I’ll have my cuppa at my end, and you have yours, and we speak face to face as if I were in the room with you. I can see you and your pet and you can give me a virtual tour of the house if needed. We will talk just as open and honestly as in real life. I still feel just as connected with my online owners as those I see directly.

How can online practical training really work? So long as you have a device with a camera that you can angle towards you and your dog then you have what you need! The rest is just the same in real life. I will tell you the aim of the training exercise, how to set up and exactly what to do. You will still have me coaching you each step of the way in real time to make sure you are getting the results you need.

Don’t just take my word for it, read some other owner’s experiences of us working together remotely:

“We were struggling with multiple issues with Rubi, our Boston Terrier, and had completely lost our way and were getting desperate for help. We decided to contact Naomi for support, we were initially a little cautious about the remote working. However DO NOT be put off by this. In fact this is an advantage. We know that if any Dog Trainer made a home visit, Rubi would react completely differently.

Working remotely allows Naomi to study Rubi’s (and our) behaviour without distraction. Naomi listened very carefully to each of our issues over a number of sessions, and followed up each session with detailed written notes which we found invaluable for reference, it is amazing how quickly you can forget what you have discussed! We have a way to go with Rubi, but Naomi has given us the tools and management techniques which has made a dramatic improvement to our daily life. We highly recommend Naomi – Jon & Rachel Nottingham’

“Working with Naomi has been so helpful for my girl Khaleesi. Khaleesi is quite anxious especially with new people in the home. With virtual appointments I was able to show Naomi how Khaleesi is without any new anxieties, Naomi listened to my worries as my dog is a Doberman and a very strong one!! I couldn’t thank Naomi enough as Khaleesi is much calmer with new dogs and new people (social distancing of course). Naomi never rushed to end the session and I really felt she listened to my issues with my dog. Virtually this has been great for me as I like I said Khaleesi would’ve acted differently to a new person in her home. Not only with Khaleesi’s anxiety, Naomi helped with different walking techniques which are slowly working with patience and time. Thank you again we teach pets.”

Thankyou so much Naomi for the help you gave me with Ruby she is a completley different dog now,I was referred to Naomi through my vets as my then 7 month old staffy cross was suffering from anxiety and was scared of anybody and anything. She would constantly bark at people who tried to stroke her and back away as soon as there hand went to her, She was scared of any little noise she heard.  With the help from Naomi through online contact ( which was absolutely fine to do it this way ).  She is transformed, with simple training tips and patience along side confidence building activities she now will not only allow people to fuss her, but she is so excited to be fussed by others, there are still a few she is wary of ( the post man for one ). But she as come such a long way in a few months, the confident building activities are great for her. I highly recommend Naomi to anybody that needs help with there pets, she is so nice and friendly and really understands, and with the online virtual meetings you can work around days and times to suit.You can upload any videos you want her to see and she will get back to you. Always there for advice when you need it. Thankyou Naomi  for all your help.

If you have any other questions about virtual consults and online training sessions then please do get in touch and ask!

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